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All year long, the volunteer fire department puts out fires, Saves lives, and protects property, but during October 16th, 17th, 23th 24th, and 30th, its volunteers will ignite a "blaze" of scary proportions for all to enjoy. A possessed wagon leads only the bravest into the deep, dark, demented woods of Scary Old Richwoods. For more than 45 minutes, you will venture into the ghastly world of ghosts, goblins, and ghouls. In the eerie fog, you'll be frightened by the bone-chilling sounds of creatures of the night: which are in front, which are behind and witch are from the great, great beyond? The Richwoods Fire Department's 30th Annual Haunted Hayride "promises to be the most hair-raising Halloween season in the history of Richwoods. Come support us if you dare to be scared.

Website : bearcoveent.com

10000 Bear Cove Rd
Richwoods, Missouri, 63071

Contact Phone : 573-678-2150
Email : firechief6201@yahoo.com

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The thrill will take you over 200 acres on a 45+/- minute hayride that will paralyze you in fear. Its great for adults or the whole family. The tractors pull all weather trailers with comfortable high seat backs. that can hold up to approx 20 people per trailer. We have two trailers running non stop all night. Tickets are sold at the door. $4.00 per body, kids 5 & under are free. Located at Twisted Minds Haunted House. This hayride is a fundraiser for the Richwoods Fire Protection District. Come out if you dare to be scared at our 29th annual Haunted Hayride.

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Posted 09/13/2019
Good to go
Posted 10/21/2016
Richwoods Fire Haunted Hayride good
Good to visit.
Posted 08/23/2016
To Scary
Experience Once.
Posted 08/19/2016
I work on the hayride and i believe it can be very frightening!
Posted 06/09/2016
very good "Richwoods Fire Haunted Hayride"
This is very good.... Loved to visit.
Posted 03/23/2015
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