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Make Your Own Halloween Costumes Learn How
Tue, October 15, 2019

Learn how to make your own Halloween costume by visiting your local Goodwill Store.  Watch the videos below.  Then Scream at the best haunted houses in America. 



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Fri, October 04, 2019
Vote for America's Top 13 Scariest and Best haunted houses in 2019.  Click on the link below and vote for the scariest haunted houses in America.  You get to rank the top 13 haunted houses with poll results to be released the week of Halloween.  Help Hauntworld.com CROWN the scariest haunted house in America 2019. 

Click Here to Vote:  https://www.hauntworld.com/hauntworld/getPoll/id/2

Also find a haunted house near you using our state directory.  Additionally we're asking you to vote a second time, by clicking on states you've visited haunted houses.  Each state features a vote for the best and scariest haunted house across America.  Visit any state to vote on the best and scariest haunted house.  Come back to Hauntworld the week of Halloween to see which haunts are crowned the scariest in your state and the scariest in America. 

KEEP AMERICA SCEAMING by visiting Haunted Houses Nationwide! 

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Lemp Haunted House Full Maze Walk Thru
Sun, November 11, 2018
Go underground and see the complete walk thru of the full maze at Lemp Haunted House.  Lemp Brewery is one of the scariest places on planet earth, you go deep underground in real caves and caverns.  The Lemp Haunted house 'House of Occult' is just one mile down the street from the World Famous Darkness Haunted House.  The Lemp was totally renovated for the 2018 Haunted House season and will be updated again to open for the 2019 National Haunted House tradeshow in March '19.  Watch all the way until the end to see bonus footage of what the haunt looks like without fake lighting. 

Learn more about the Lemp at www.lemphauntedhouse.com 

Lemp will be renovated again between November and March and open at the end of March for the national Haunted House Convention.  
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