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Find Haunted Hayrides and Corn Mazes Across America

Halloween Attraction industry is bigger now than most people think,  the Halloween Attraction industry at ONE BILLION annually or more in revenue.  American's are spending yes over ONE BILLION dollars on Halloween Attractions nationwide. What is a Halloween Attraction what makes up this industry?  Halloween Attractions are ANY TYPE of attraction that is open during the Halloween season (September and October) that charges addmission to enter the event. So what types of attractions are Halloween attractions?  Halloween Attractions are but not limited to haunted houses, haunted hayrides, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, ghost tours, real haunted attractions, and many more. 

Pumpkin patches are now Halloween attractions because they now offer all sorts of attractions in additiion to simply picking a pumpkin such as pony rides, inflatable haunted houses, corn mazes, hayrides, and many more.  Do you want to attend a Halloween Attraction this October?  Listed below find a list of links to help you find what you are looking for and find articles about the Haunted Attraction industry.

Find Haunted Houses, Haunted Hayrides, and Halloween Attractions www.Hauntworld.com

Find Corn Mazes and Pumpkin Patches www.HalloweenAttractions.com

Find Hayrides, Screamparks and Halloween Attractions at www.HauntedHayrides.com

Association for the Halloween Attraction Industry www.hauntedhouseassociation.org

Magazine for the Halloween Attraction Industry www.HauntedHouseMagazine.com

Find Haunted Houses www.HauntedHouseOnline.com

Find Pumpkin Patches www.PumpkinPatchesandmore.org

Find Corn Mazes http://www.cornmazesamerica.com/

Find Some of America's Best Haunted Houses www.AmericaHaunts.com

Find More Corn Mazes http://www.cornfieldmaze.com/




Haunted Hayrides are now a fun and exciting way to celebrate the Halloween season with farms to amusement parks, to haunted events are producing Hollywood style production haunted hayrides.  Some hayrides include pyrotechnic effecs, live actors, amazing sets, story lines, and much more.  Hauntworld is the best place to find haunted hayrides, Halloween Attractions, scary places and spook Halloween Haunted Events nationwide.  Some of the biggest haunted attractions in America are now called SCREAMPARKS, where one event includes a haunted house, or mutltiple haunted houses, hayrides, live shows and much more.  Most hayrides also include some sort of other haunted attraction include haunted trails, haunted woods, to corn mazes.  Corn mazes are now a staple attraction with most haunted hayrides.  Chances are if you find a good haunted hayride you'll also find a good corn maze attraction as well. 

If you are looking for the best haunted events, haunted houses, and screamparks visit the front page of www.Hauntworld.com and use our interactive map to locate over 2,500 Halloween and Haunted Attractions locations across America.  Listed below find some of our favorite haunted hayrides in America.



Haunted Hayrides in California

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

Los Angeles, CA


LA’s best new attractions, nothing scarier than the Woods.


Haunted Hayrides in Georgia


Halloweve –

Fayetteville, Georgia


This year we travel into the Forest of “Dark Intentions” our haunted hayride. Guests will be scared out of their hay bales as we move into the woods behind Dixieland where an awful secret has been hiding for 19 years.


Forest of Fear-

Lookout Mountain, GA


A haunt complex located in Northern GA on Bowling Springs Farm featuring the Forest of Fear-The world’s only outdoor 3-D haunted house, Ghost Ride- A night time hayride with Ghost stories by the fire, Roaming monsters and live music.


Haunted Hayrides in Indiana

Hanna Haunted Hayrides-

Indianapolis, IN


We have several tractor drawn hayrides wagons which wind their way through the demonic woods where gnarly hell-wrenched goblins and monster await your weary soul. Witches, werewolves, chainsaw wielding maniacs, flying demons, skeletons and demons are hungry for your screams.


Haunted Hayrides in Kansas

Haunted Cannery Spook house

El Dorado, KS


Take a hayride down by the pumpkin patch and cross the bridge to the spooky haunted cannery.


Skeletons Liar and Haunted Woods Hayride-

Bowling Green, KY


Skeletons Liar is a self guided tour through the haunted woods featuring over 45 live actors, animatronics, special effects lighting and larger than life props. New this year is the haunted hayride, Thrill seekers will be entertained in the Darkzone Mystery Maze.


Haunted Hayrides in Maryland

Bedlam in the Boro-

Lineboro, MD


A four mile long Hayride You will ride in a large wagon pulled by a farm tractor along some of the darkest, spookiest and scariest parts of Lineboro. You will come across some of the most horrifying and grotesque scenes you have ever seen.


Haunted Hayrides in Massachusetts

Morbid Mountain screamfest and haunted hayride

Gilford, MA


Many are un aware of the secrets that lie beneath the grounds and buildings of what is now know as Gunstock Mountain Resort the urban Legend has led to countless rumors and speculation. The area has served many purposes before becoming what it is today…


Witch’s Woods

Westford, MA


Haunted Hayrides, Haunted Houses, Carnival rides and games and concessions.


Castle of Fear-Howling hayride of Horror

Haverhill, MA


4 incredible Halloween Attractions in one creepy castle.


Haunted Hayrides in Michigan

The Niles Haunted Scream Park- Dark Terror Tory Haunted Hayride

Kalamazoo, MI


One mile plus narrated hayride will take you to places you would never dream to exist.


Night Terrors- Hayride of the Lost


Ypsilanti, MI


A tragic accident happened in the hills of Ypsilanti, MI. Old Pete would take children for hayrides through the woods. One dark evening an almost haunted looking dog crossed the wagons path, the wagon crashed. All the child aboard were able to make it out alive but, old Pete wasn’t so lucky. Be careful you don’t meet the same fate as Pete.


Haunted Hayrides in Minnesota

Nightmare at Pine Haven Farm

Wyoming, MN


A mile long haunted hayride! Doom and Gloom begin in the path of fright. Unseen voices whisper from the dead trees. A chill is in the air, an eerie howl can be heard, and strange sounds are everywhere ghouls, zombies and dismembered spirits are just waiting for you to visit.


Haunted Hayrides in Mississippi

The Dark Zone

Brandon, MS


A hay wagon or a hearse will pick you up at the gate and return you there at the end…maybe. The zombie graveyard followed by the Dungeon of Death and a “leisurely” stroll through dark hallways.


Haunted Hayrides in Missouri


Columbia, MO


Reapers Revenge Haunted Hayride and Corn Maze-you’ll ride to the edge of the woods and see why we don’t enter after dark…then journey in to the corn maze where you will need all of your friends to make it out…


Haunted Hayrides in Creepyworld



Haunted Hayride at Tombstone- Takes you back to the old West where long dead outlaws are ready to fill you full of lead! This year Tombstone is back and scarier than ever with new special effects and more explosions, fir balls and a new attraction called Fort Fear where an army of dead soliders are ready to fill your wagon full of cannon balls.


Haunted Hayrides in Montana

Field of Screams

Vicor, MT

Climb aboard the old fashioned hay wagon, pulled by a tractor and take a tour around the park.


Haunted Hayrides in New Hampshire

Morbid Mountain- Please see Under Massachusetts.


Haunted Hayrides in New Jersey

Field of Terror

East Windsor, NJ


Terror Ride- a Haunted Hayride into the dark unknown.



Haunted Hayrides in New York

Headless Horseman

Ulster Park, NY


A one mile hayride, Labyrinth style corn maze, and three haunted houses.


Double M Haunted Hayrides

Malta, NY


Hayrides weave through a haunted forest on a tractor drawn wagon. Each tractor has a narrator on board to guide the way through the darkness. Around each and every corner there is frightful scenes and behind each tree lurks uninvited guests waiting to greet you.  The woods are filled with terror and surprise and atmosphere sure to make you SCREAM! Hayride consists of live actors, mechanical scares, and lots of special effects. A delightful mix of fright and fun for everyone.


Haunted Hayrides in North Carolina

Spookywoods (doesn’t specify if it is a hayride but none the less I included it.)

Highpoint, NC


                All aboard the Chupacabra express!  Sit back and hold on tight as we take you deep into the dark woods through an abandon Mexican out post.   Watch your back; the hunters that were stalking the beast have gone mad after being bitten. The Chupacabra can be found where there is a foul smell.  They reported an alleged dog-like  creature with the mange that was attracted to young women.  They are known to be very sneaky and hitch a ride in total darkness.  You never know if one will be sitting next to you then gone the next second.


Woods of Terror

Greensboro, NC


Redneck Hayride- As you begin your wagon ride through Hicksville, USA you may encounter the family of kissing cousins (of course they love each other). Experience rednecks living in their natural habitats, in campers and outhouses. Watch out, they might decide to eat you instead of making a trip to the Piggily Wiggly.


Haunted Hayrides in Ohio

The Haunted Farm

Pleasantville, OH


Take a ride on harvester’s hayride. Journey into the depths of the fields of the farm and view the back barn and its contents. You might even come face to face with the karver cage or seed.


Spooktacular Nights

Columbia Station, OH


Wagon travels through hay and cornfields while suspense builds inside you as you feel the chills and hear the screams. Then you enter the Forest of Fear where you will experience terror and suspense around every turn. You cannot escape from the monsters, ghouls and danger lurking in the foggy mist.


Haunted Hayrides in Pennsylvania

House in the Hallow

Newtown, PA


Every Saturday and Sunday from 1130 am until 330 pm ride to the pumpkin patch and pick your own pumpkin. Stay and enjoy the corn maze, pony rides, farm animals, moon bounce and inflatable haunted house.


The bates Motel Haunted Hayride

Gradyville, PA


Featuring a 25 minute long hayride through the dark forest of Arasapha Farms filled with high tech animatronics, 26 huge Hollywood quality sets, 50 actors and more pyrotechnics than a Kiss concert.


LuLu Shriners House of Horrors

Plymouth Meeting, PA


Board a creaky old wagon that’ll transport you into the dark night through the haunted woods and dump you at the entrance of the haunted graveyard.


Field of Screams

Mountville, PA


The journey begins, you heartbeat goes into overdrive as you creep through the forbidding 25 acre cornfield on a surround sound wagon pulled by a tractor. Dodge the army of the living dead who stalk every terrifying twist and turn.


Jason’s Woods

Lancaster, PA


Horrifying Hayride- Within minutes of this twisting and turning journey you will know you made a wrong turn.


Shocktober Fest

Sinking Spring, PA


Biohazard Hayride- A perilous journey through 30 acres of former Willow Glen Industrial Park. Over the decades of erosion, many of the secrets that were buried here have come to the surface. On this journey, you will learn many secrets.


Haunted Hayrides in Tennessee

The Enchanted Maze

Chattanooga, TN


Hayrides, a playground, great fun and the world famous Rock City Barn all await. Bring your family and friends to the enchanted barn or a fall experience to long remember.


Haunted Hayrides in Texas

Texas Scaregrounds

Kennedale, TX


You will love being pull around by old farm tractor while sitting on hay in a pull trailer fullof potential next victims. There really is safety in numbers so bring your entire family and friends. Enjoy the night air where darkness is sure to prevail, Fear has a new home…the little ones can close their eyes while you protect them, or vice versa.


Haunted Hayrides in West Virginia

Fright Farm

Smithfield, WV


You are stolen away on a haunted hayride through the deep, dark forest with ghouls and creatures of the night pursuing you and state of the art scenes of horror that you will not believe.



Haunted Hayrides is a website to help people find haunted hayrides, Halloween attractions, corn mazes, fall festivals, haunted houses and more state by state across America.  Are you looking for the best and scariest hayrides, Halloween events and more please search our data base to find the best Hollywood style Halloween Attractions, mega Screamparks and much more only at www.HauntedHayrides.com.


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