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Popes Haunted Farm in Salem, AL. Includes Zombie Paintball Safari, Haunted Hayride, Haunted Barn, and Haunted Forest.

Website : www.popeshayride.com

724 Lee Road
Salem, Alabama, 36874

Contact Phone : (706) 566-7766
Email : info@popesfarm.com

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mouse over on COLOR DATE for hours.

Pope's Haunted Farm is the longest known running haunted attraction in Alabama. It has been operating for 21 consecutive years. Four Big Attractions for 2014. Zombie Paintball Safari: * Wagon ride through the woods * Each person has a mounted paintball gun * each gun has 100 bullets * Shoot Zombies as they attack Haunted Hayride: * Over 1 mile ride through the woods * More than 40 live actors * State of the art animatronics * Tractor drawn wagon holds up to 40 people Haunted Barn: * 11,000 sq. ft. scare factory * More than 30 live actors * Lots of animatronics * Over 30 different scenes Haunted Forrest: * Over a half mile walk * 30 or more live actors * This event has more chicken outs (people that cant make it through) than any of the other events. This attraction is considered the most intense of them all.

An awesome experience! Great for all ages!
Posted 10/09/2021
This actually answered my problem, thanks! unblocked games 76
Posted 02/23/2019
Overpriced, uninspired
I've been going to haunted houses consistently for 20 years now. Went to Pope's last year and was disappointed, went there this year since someone paid for me and it was even more disappointing, hardly anything had changed aside from them adding some references to the new "It" movie, which I found very cheap and to be a huge cop out. It wouldn't be so bad if it was $25 for all three attractions but at $35 it's a ripoff. Especially considering their props and gags look like they've been in use since 1999. What are they doing with the profit they make? Clearly not improving their attraction.
Posted 10/31/2017
Amazing tradition
It's a tradition to go there it's amazing
Posted 09/17/2017
Great events for halloween
I have been working as a scary clown there for several years. We always try to make your visit fun , safe, and as scary as we can. Hope to see you there. I will be lurking for you.
Posted 10/04/2016
This is my 4th year goin and now it's a tradition... Best haunt ever
Posted 09/24/2016
Best haunted theme park EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 11/09/2015
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