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Battlegrounds Paintball has been infected with zombies! Join us for the Zombie Paintball Hayride: Shoot to Survive and help eliminate the flesh eating zombies that have infested our park! The zombies might out number you, but you have all the weapons! The zombies will stop at nothing to infect Battlegrounds Paintball at NJMP! Plan of Attack: Go in and shoot them before they get us and multiply. Aim at one or try and shoot as many as you can. Don’t let your arms or legs hang off the wagon or face the consequences of these ferocious creatures! Humanity is counting on you. Shoot fast, shoot true, and shoot to kill. New and exciting experiences have been added for 2015 starting at 6PM!* Hear the legend of the Jersey Devil told by our storyteller by the fire! If you hear something in the woods it just might be the Jersey Devil in the pines! Night Time Paintball! Kart Drag Racing! Scavenger Hunt! *Additional fees may apply The Finish Line Pub will be open and offering $5 Burgers, $2 Draft Beers, $1 Soft Drinks!

8000 Dividing Creek Rd.
Millville , New Jersey, 08332

Contact Phone : (856) 327-8000
Email : info@njmp.com

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William Rays
The haunt world is the house full of the ghost and the creation like the ghost with much other creation of the animals. The paint ball is the game and the topbritishessays is the British service to organize the game for the zombie appearance with the critical features.
Posted 06/10/2019
Save your money
Halloween They should be ashamed of themselves. Their crooks. $25 for a 10 minute haunted wagon ride where you shoot zombies with paint ball guns. It's not worth $10. There is only a few live targets. The rest are plastic bags hanging in trees. They put no effort in it at all. This is the first review I ever wrote because I'm tired of these company's ripping people off. don't go and save your money it's horrible.
Posted 10/31/2015
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