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Find Haunted Houses, Halloween Attractions and Haunted Hayrides in Massachusetts
Pumpkin patches and Corn Mazes/Halloween Listings for Massachusetts
Haunted Woods Hayride in Grafton, Massachusetts - 11716 Views
Enter the "Lost Island" Asylum for the criminally insane where patients are waiting for you in the Haunted Woods of the Grafton Lions Club. They are looking for special friends to stay with them. Take a ride into the HAUNTED WOODS "Lost Island Asylum". Come and face your fears... see if you can make it out alive!!!

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Zombie Paint Ball in West Greenwich, Massachusetts - www.ZombiePaintball.net - 11600 Views
The newest attraction at Field of Screams, is Zombie Paintball. The biggest adventure has come to the smallest state. Board a 30 foot 5 ton military transport truck with individual, bolted down paintball guns. Each rider gets his/her own gun. The entire team must work together to shoot live zombies and other moving targets. Do not let them overrun your truck! A drill sergeant will instruct, insult, and encourage your team throughout the entire ride. Each person will receive 100+ paintballs to last them throughout the ride. Paintballs are included in the ticket price. No personal balls or guns will be permitted on the ride. Purchase your tickets in advance to avoid the sell outs!

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SPOOKY ACRES HAUNTED HAYRIDE 2019 in Millbury, Massachusetts - 9597 Views
The Millbury Youth Camp Inc. (non-profit org.) is celebrating its 22nd year of offering it's seasonal fundraising event SPOOKY ACRES HAUNTED HAYRIDE "Listen me well and heed my tongue Our journey into Darkness has just begun And as we travel through SPOOKY ACRES tonight Hold on to your loved ones with all your might For when the Dead arise from sleep Towards the noises they will creep And if this tractor should have a wreck They'll sink their teeth into your neck." Also this year SPOOKY ACRES - TRAIL OF TERROR, an intense in your face walk through in our 13 acre forest for those that THINK they can handle more FRIGHT !!! Click on our Facebook page for more details ...IF YOU DARE !

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